Unique Adventures for Thrill-Seekers in Phuket
Unique Adventures for Thrill-Seekers in Phuket

What each of us considers as an adventure is relative. For some people, going out for lunch is an adventure while adrenaline junkies will have a higher bar for what they consider adventurous. By definition, an adventure is doing something unusual or exciting, and while it is often in the context of doing something dangerous, that’s not a prerequisite. Fortunately, Phuket is a place where, given a bit of creativity and imagination, one can have endless adventures. 


Taking to the skies is always an adventure. Even simply flying into Phuket on a jet often offers amazing birds-eye views. But how about a paramotor? Paramotors consist of a small buggy suspended beneath a  large parachute powered by a petrol engine with a propeller. They are typically designed for two passengers with the motor and propeller in the back. They’re not fast, but that’s kind of the point. You can ascend to hundreds of meters which will give you mind-blowing views of Phuket, its surrounding islands, and picturesque Phang Nga Bay. 


If you want to go higher up or are simply freaked out by heading into the clouds in such an insubstantial craft as a paramotor, then perhaps a helicopter is more to your liking. Helicopter tours can be had in Phuket and although it’s a bit pricey and the trips are fairly quick, it’s definitely an adventure. You can fly over James Bond Island and pretend you’re being ferried to your secret island hideout.


Another way to keep the adventurous times rolling is to explore the vast varieties of watersports on offer around Phuket. A simple snorkel and dive mask is enough to give you access to what’s beneath the surface, but there are more adrenaline-oriented options. One of the newest exciting water sports is foil boarding. Foils are used in several boardsports including windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. A foiling setup consists of a mast, usually about a meter long, that extends beneath the board which then has two wings affixed. Once you reach a certain speed the board lifts out of the water and “flies” on the two wings. There’s almost no resistance so you can cruise fast, smooth, and silent above the water. In Phuket, it’s possible to learn on an e-foil which is a foil setup with a small electric propeller for propulsion. Once you get the feel for that, you can move on to wing foiling, which is similar but you use a handheld wing as a sail for propulsion.


Since we mentioned electric-powered toys, off-road e-bikes are another fun way to explore the island. While there are many variations of electric-powered 2-wheelers from normal scooters to electric-assisted pedal bikes, there’s a version that is similar to a motocross bike. These are lightweight, high-performance, and equipped with offroad tires capable of exploring high onto the mountains. You can expect a range of up to 100km with charge times around 3-4 hours depending on the model’s specifications. Since they’re almost silent, they’re less intrusive and you’ll have more opportunities to spot interesting wildlife. You could even get a simple solar charging setup to make it more eco-friendly.

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