Where to Get Things Fixed in Phuket

Where to Get Things Fixed in Phuket

An unfortunate result of the capitalist world in which we live is the emergence of a “throwaway” culture. The old adage of “they don’t make it like they used to” rings truer than ever. Manufacturers of goods have gradually shifted from creating products of solid construction from higher quality materials to those that are of inferior quality and cheaper to produce, thus cheaper for consumers. The result is that so many goods have a short usable life and are typically cheaper to simply throw away and replace rather than repair. And in some cases, these items are not even possible to repair. 

One way to help combat this crisis (and it is a crisis, the world is being poisoned by its garbage) is to buy higher-quality products. While it can be tough when faced with sticker shock associated with more expensive items, they usually have a significantly longer usable life, and can therefore make more economic sense in the long run. Regardless, nothing lasts forever and at some point, you’ll have something that needs repair. 

If you are lucky enough to still be in the warranty period you should be able to contact the manufacturer to check how to make a warranty claim. Most large brands have a branch in Phuket and some will even come to collect, or repair the appliance at your home. However, even if you no longer have a warranty, there are quite a few options for repair available on the island.


cell phone shops Cr: Facebook NASA PHONE Central Phuket

Since most people spend half their day with a smartphone in hand, these devices are probably the ones needing repair most often. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of cell phone shops around Phuket and probably many of them are capable of simple repairs. Central Festival has quite a few booths on the 2nd floor that sell a wide selection of accessories but also offer repairs for any brand of phone ranging from new batteries to screen replacements. Their work generally comes with a warranty and the prices are good. 


Advice computer shop Cr: Bank p

For computers, there are several shops on the bottom floor of Big C near Central Festival. Some specialize in certain brands such as Apple, while others undertake general repairs of PCs and laptops. In Phuket Town is the well-established Advice computer shop that is quite professional and can tackle all sorts of PC and laptop-related issues. 


Amorn Electric Cr:  Facebook อมร อีเล็คโทรนิคส์ AMORN Electronic

Your best bet will be Amorn Electric which is a nationwide chain with a branch on the basement floor of Big C on Bypass Road. They offer repairs for TVs, all sorts of electronics, and small home appliances. Saving that, in more local areas you can often find a neighborhood repair shop. These are easily spotted by the TVs, washing machines, and fridges strewn about in front. However, if you do decide to go this route, and your Thai skills are not great, you will definitely need a Thai speaker to translate for you.

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