Discover Northwest Phuket: From Surin to Mai Khao
Phuket Area Guide: Northwest

In this article, we’ll look at the northwest region which ranges from Surin to Mai Khao. This region is very diverse with bustling commerce areas to long stretches of postcard-worthy empty beaches.  



Surin is a fairly small neighborhood situated along the coast road extending north from 800 meter-long Surin Beach. The area has some boutique shops, a nice seaside park, and a small selection of restaurants including a few fine dining options. While there are some condominiums in Surin, villas compromise a greater market share. 



A quick hop north over the hill from Surin lands one in Bang Tao. While the beach extends uninterrupted for 5km, there are different names depending on the section. Bang Tao consists of a large area with significant portions yet to be developed. A mix of local spots, beach clubs, fine dining, and more line parts of the beach. 

Real estate options in Bang Tao range from modestly-priced studio apartments to high-end luxury villas and everything in between.


Cherng Talay

While Cherng Talay has its fair share of seasonal tourists and associated resorts, it is also home to one of the greatest concentrations of expats in Phuket. It is also where you’ll find the Laguna resort complex which has more than 1400 rooms across eight hotels, in addition to the residential villas, golf course, restaurants, and more. 

There’s a little bit of everything in Cherng Talay from premier boutiques, cuisine from all corners of the globe (including a Michelin-starred restaurant), trendy cafes, wine bars, beer gardens, water parks, schools, international and local markets, as well as local cultural festivals. The area is undergoing a growth spurt at the moment with many older buildings being replaced, condominiums under construction, and commercial real estate filling in the gaps. Demand and prices are on the rise. It’s a desirable area for many due to the community, activities, location relative to the airport, and overall quality of life. A few up-and-coming neighborhoods can also be found here.


Nai Thon/Nai Yang

If you’re in search of a slower pace of life, this region is a good choice. Nai Thon is a small crescent of beach backed by steep mountains and nature all around. It’s really just a small village which gets a tad bustling during high season, and fairly empty the rest of the year. 

Although Nai Yang, the next coastal town north of Nai Thon, is where the airport is located, it’s still rather undeveloped. If you enjoy a chilled-out atmosphere, travel by plane often and want to be near the airport, or want a larger tract of land, Nai Yang is the place to be. 


Mai Khao

The last area before the bridge along Phuket’s west coast is Mai Khao. Starting from the airport, the beach itself sprawls for more than 10km and there’s no other west coast beach where you have the best chance of having it to yourself. It’s a great location if you want a huge garden, to have easy access to the mainland or airport, or if you frequent the Yacht Haven Marina.

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