Adventurous Activities for Kids in Phuket
Discover fun adventures for your kids in Phuket to plan for your action-packed family days out on the island.

Many consider Phuket a paradise for many different reasons. For some, it’s the weather, nightlife, or cost of living and for others, it’s the culture, friendly locals, or world-renowned cuisine. When it’s all said and done, most people can agree that there is always something to do in Phuket. And this is a great thing for families with kids. There are many exciting, interesting,  and thrilling activities for kids in Phuket that will keep them entertained and happy. Whether you want to enjoy the water, the nature, or the culture, Phuket has something for everyone. Here are some of the best adventurous activities for kids in Phuket.


Surf an Artificial Wave

It’s a well-known fact that kids love surfing and if they haven’t tried it, they will love it as soon as they do. While it is possible to surf in the sea here in Phuket, an artificial wave is the perfect place as it is in a controlled environment without the hazards found in the sea. An artificial wave is a surf simulator that sports a continuous wave that you can ride on a board similar to a wakeboard or a boogie board. You can choose from different levels of difficulty and the skilled instructors are experts at getting kids comfortable and having fun. It’s an activity that’s suitable for all skill levels and ages except the youngest ones. There are two artificial waves, one at Kata Beach and Patong Beach.


Go Kart Racing

For kids (or anyone) who loves speed and racing, go-kart racing is as good as it gets. Fortunately, Phuket boasts three places where kids can channel their inner race car driver in Patong, Chalong, and Central Floresta. The Patong track, located on the road between Patong and Kathu, is a 750-meter-long track with quick, well-maintained karts. Some have two seats so those too young to drive can still have some thrills. Groups of kids will have a blast racing each other and a scoreboard will display the winners and race times. The Chalong kart track is conveniently located near the Chalong traffic circle with a variety of karts to choose from. If you want to try the karts of the future, the race track at Central Floresta, located on the top floor of the parking garage, has electric karts. Two sizes of kart are available for different ages or experience levels. 


Zip Lining

Zip lining is a great way to spend a day out in nature having fun. This is a real high-flying adventure that’s sure to get kids’ adrenaline flowing. The most well-known of these zip line tours is Hanuman World. It’s a very professionally operated outfit with a focus on safety and fun. This eco-friendly adventure park delivers a rush as kids soar through the treetops on ziplines and traverse bridges. It's a thrilling experience that allows children to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the rainforest from a unique perspective. Tarzan Adventure is another good one located on Cape Panwa. Their extensive course meanders high above the jungle with spectacular sea views.

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