Property & Land Titles Deeds in Thailand
Thailand Land Deed Title And Ownership Document
At all real estate transactions, there is always related to land ownership and title deeds.  Thailand Land title deeds are the documents issued by the Thai government departments, it generally shows a person's rights to land (ownership if it is a Chanote title deed) and registered encumbrances such as mortgages, leases, etc. on a property. 
It is necessary to verify the land deed title before any real estate transaction will be made as there are several cases of the misinterpretation of land and causing troubles. There are people who think their property built on their land but in fact, set on neighbor’s land. Others think that they have a certain land when they bought it and further find out they have less. Or buying the house which the owner by a different name of the landlord.
To avoid this complication you may hire a lawyer for this task or Home In Phuket will explain to you with the article below.
Note: There are 6 land title documents issued by the Thailand Land department and 5 land title issued as proof of  possession rights  by other related government departments. This article will mention only 6 land titles issued by the Land Department.

Sor Kor Nung (S.K.1)

The  S.K.1  land document is a notification form of possession of land and has  no real rights with it. It entitles the holder to occupy and use the land that is generally for farming purposes. This land may be sold and transferred by inheritance. Legally, the transfer process is nothing more than passing over the S.K.1 form and possession or use of the land from one person to another. It is not possible to register rights i.e sale, lease, usufruct, mortgage, etc. over this type of land. Since 1972 there is no more S.K.1 has been issued and no longer be able to upgrade to Nor Sor form or Chanote.

Nor Sor Song (N.S.2)

The N.S.2 is a consent letter issued by the land department to anyone to occupy and use the land for a temporary period of time. The holder has to commence occupation and using the land within 6 months and complete the utilization of the land within 3 years from the receipt of N.S.2. Date. This land cannot be sold or transferred except by inheritance. This document may be upgraded to N.S. 3, N.S. 3 Gor or Chanote depending on the land’s location. However, after the upgrade, the prohibition for sale or transfer is still effective.

Nor Sor Saam (N.S.3)

The N.S.3 is a document that shows a person's right to possess a certain plot of land, but the land borders must be confirmed with neighboring plots. There are no parcel points or numbered concrete posts that generally are nailed into the ground to mark the land territories. The name showing on the title is the person who has the right to the land and has the legal right to possess the land and use the benefit of the land as an owner  but it is not actual ownership . It is allowed to sell, lease and obtain approval to build on this land if as long as the building complies with building regulations, city, zoning The land may be sold subject to a 30-day public notice period.

Nor Sor Saam Gor (N.S.3.G)

N.S.3.G is generally an upgrade N.S3 with boundaries of the land are inspected and verified accurately surveyed in relation to neighboring land areas with land parcel points are set by an aerial survey). The right of use has been confirmed and legal acts related to the land i.e sale, etc do not need to be published. And it is possible to subdivide the land in smaller plots.  Nor Sor Saam Khor (N.S.3.K)  is under the same law but without the parcel points are set by an aerial survey. The Garudas can be noticed at the top of the original form.
Nor Sor 3 Gor with green garuda
Nor Sor 3 Khor with black garuda
N.S.3G: Green Garuda
N.S.3, N.S.3 K: Black Garuda

Nor Sor Si Jor (N.S.4.J or Chanote)

The N.S.4.J or Chanote is a certificate proving the true ownership for land and the known as only true ownership land title deed . The land mentioned under Chanote are accurately surveyed and GPS plotted according to a national survey grid and marked by unique numbered marker posts set in the ground.

Chanote titles are found in the more developed areas of Thailand nowadays. Selling does not have to be published and no restrictions on the use and the land and can be sub-divided to a smaller plot.

The Red Garudas can be noticed at the top of the original form.

Apart from the different type of land’s right form, you may have to learn more about Thailand land measurement system here:
Thai to MetricMetric to Thai
1 Wah = 2 m1 m = 0.5 Wah
1 Talang Wah = 4 sqm1 sqm = 0.25 Talang Wah
1 Rai = 1600 sqm1 Acre = 2.53 Rai
1 Rai = 400 Talang Wah1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai
1 Rai = 0.16 Hectare
1 Ngan = 100 Talang Wah

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