The Benefits of Raising Kids in Phuket
The Benefits of Raising Kids in Phuket

In Phuket’s early days of tourism, the majority of travelers making their way to this exotic little island were backpackers following the scent of an off-the-beaten-path destination. Back then it was absurdly cheap compared to western countries, difficult to get around, and without Google every move was a step into the unknown. You could say things have changed a bit. 

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Back then, few parents would have considered packing up the family for a trip to Phuket. Fast-forward to present day and families flock here by the thousands. If just coming here for a holiday, the decision is relatively easy since it’s a well-established center of mass tourism. On the other hand, what might it be like relocating here family and all? What happens when that permanent vacation feeling wears off?

Likely one of the first considerations parents will have is where their kids are going to go to school. Education is, and should be, a top priority. Parents want to do everything possible to empower their children to have ample opportunities in the future. In today’s world that begins with a solid formal education. Fortunately, enterprising Thais and expats that came before you have laid the groundwork for a robust education system in Phuket. Options exist for all ages from preschool, to kindergarten, primary and secondary school as well as the university level. Since Phuket is quite a desirable place to live, many teachers vie for the opportunity to teach here and the competition keeps standards fairly high. 

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A student attending most schools in Phuket is going to be part of a diverse mix of kids from all over the world from a vast variety of backgrounds. Having kids being integrated into a diverse community both at school and everyday life is extremely beneficial to their development. In Phuket, kids will be surrounded by people from variety of backgrounds whether it’s ethnicity, cultural and religious practices, economic status, gender identity or sexual orientation, or speaking different languages. Our globalized world is constantly becoming more diverse and integrated and the sooner kids are exposed to this, the better. It teaches them empathy and acceptance, an understanding of different backgrounds, provides context to their lessons and education, and prepares them for the real world whether that’s a diverse workplace or traveling. 

Kids raised in Phuket have the potential to access innumerable opportunities. While the covid19 pandemic has been a speed bump for the island’s economic growth, the bigger picture shows a popular tourist destination undergoing rapid growth and many economic opportunities. It’s a dynamic environment to be immersed in. A kid’s experience and skills learned in Phuket will be exportable, providing them with a range of opportunities both educational and professional. 

Students sail training | Credit: Phuket Yacht Club

In addition to everything discussed so far, growing up in Phuket means kids get to spend their formative years on a tropical island with tons of activities to learn and enjoy. Surfing, diving, and sailing are readily accessible. A never-ending variety of cuisines, exotic wildlife, and cultural practices are everywhere. Many different religions are practiced in Thailand and is a very tolerant country generally speaking. There are many aspects of Thailand and it’s culture that will have a positive influence on kids who grow up here. 

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