7 Things to Know Before Retiring in Phuket
7 Things to Know Before Retiring in Phuket

Phuket is a wonderful place to retire. The island is very Thai with an international feel, making it an easy transition for those who decided to relocate here. Below, we’ve highlighted some definite points of interest to consider when making the decision to retire in Phuket.

1. Weather

Beautiful islands in Phang Nga Bay

Phuket weather | Credit: Met Office

Phuket’s tropical climate is surely alluring for those looking to retire here. The island has two seasons - the wet season and the dry season. While learning to adapt to the heat can at first be cumbersome, once you do, you will enjoy the warm weather. During the dry season, the skies are blue and the seas calm. The wet season brings monsoon rains, but even then the weather is pleasant as all of the island’s vegetation turns green and lush.

2. Cost of Living

Thalang Road Sunday street market in Phuket Town

In Phuket, the cost of living can be as low or as high as you want it to be. It is quite easy to live on a small budget in Phuket by living like a local. Thai restaurants and street food are in abundance, as are daily fresh markets, local fruit and vegetable stands and regional supermarkets. In retrospect, Phuket also has a fine variety of high end restaurants, leisure activities, and shopping malls. We suggest blending elements of both to live an affordable yet attractive lifestyle.

3. Healthcare


The new wing of Phuket International Hospital

Phuket's medical tourism industry gets B900m facelift | Credit: thephuketnews.com

Phuket has a number of international hospitals that adhere to high standards. Healthcare is affordable here, and most doctors are able to speak English. The international hospitals also have a number of translators on staff to ensure each visit to the hospital is hassle-free. Medical Tourism is popular in Thailand, so rest assured knowing that many of the island’s doctors are specialists and you will receive excellent healthcare.

4. Leisure Activities

Older couple enjoying a gentle cruise on a yacht

A happy senior couple sitting on the side of a sail boat on a calm blue sea | Credit: Spotmatik Ltd on Shutterstock

Phuket is blessed with a wonderful variety of leisure activities. The island has plenty of beach clubs, yoga studios, wellness retreats, golf courses, yachting opportunities … the list goes on and on. There are many sports clubs and fitness centers on the island, as well as Muay Thai gyms. Enjoying leisure activities is truly endless when retiring in Phuket.

5. Expat Community

Busy event on the boardwalk at Boat Lagoon

Across the Land: Phuket expat community living | Credit: thethaiger.com

There is an extremely large expat community in Phuket, and you will be able to meet people from a variety of countries and all walks of life. There are many expat groups and networking events which allow you to get out and about to meet like-minded individuals and build a sense of community.

6. Thai Culture

Monks on the steps leading up to the Big Buddha

Young buddhists in orange clothes near the Big Buddha Temple in Phuket in Thailand | Credit: Thirteen on Shutterstock

The Thais are warm, hospitable people. Thai culture is unique, the language is possible to learn and immersing yourself in the local community truly allows for an exceptional experience. 80% of Thai people are Buddhists, and 20% are Muslim. There are also small amounts of varying religions in Phuket. The Thai culture is very peaceful. Once you do settle in Phuket, it will not take long until you feel like this is your home.

7. Retirement Visa

Retiring in Thailand is encouraged by the Thai government. However, there is a process to go through and requirements to meet to be granted a Retirement Visa which allows you to live here legally. There are different Retirement Visa packages offered by visa agents, and most international law firms are able to assist in the process. If you are serious about retiring in Phuket, we suggest that you contact your local embassy as they will be able to offer advice and guidelines.

Phuket presents many opportunities for those wishing to retire here. While it is a completely different way of life, retiring here is a wonderful option for those who would like to enjoy their golden years in a tropical paradise. Generally, expats who wish to retire in Phuket have already visited the island a number of times, which makes it quite easy to transition into calling it home.

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