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Phuket Property Blogs

5 Places to Buy Home Accessories In Phuket
Where to buy accessories, decorations and furnishings to make your house or condo a home in Phuket.
Why Phuket’s Future Looks Bright
As the covid 19 pandemic continues to disrupt life and business in Phuket there are reasons for some positivity amongst the gloom.
Phuket's Most Popular Areas for Holidays & Living
Where might one begin their search for an area to fall in love with in Phuket?
Phuket's Future in a Post-Covid World
How has Covid affected Phuket and what will things look like moving ahead?
Thailand Introduces the Special Tourist Visa
The Special Tourist Visa allows you to spend up to 200 days in the country.
What is Sub-Ing-Sit & How Does it Differ from Leasehold?
Is this new property right a good option for foreign investors?
Taxes on Buying and Selling Property in Phuket
What you might have to pay as the buyer or seller of a property in Phuket.
Thailand Land Measurement Units
Our guide to understanding Thailand's unique land measurement units.
Property & Land Titles Deeds in Thailand
Learn about the main title deeds you will encounter in Phuket and around Thailand.
Why Buy Property in Phuket?
Why Phuket is one of the most attractive places to invest in property or make your home in Thailand.
Phuket Property Buying Checklist
Some helpful hints to avoid common pitfalls when purchasing a home in Phuket.
Land and Building Tax in Phuket Explained
Will you eligible to pay tax on your Phuket property under the new law?