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Living & Working in Phuket

Moving Money - Tips for Financial Transactions in Phuket
As an expat, handling cross-border transactions and understanding the differences in financial systems can be a headache.
What’s Up with Health Care in Phuket?
An overview of the quality healthcare available in Phuket that people travel from all over the world for.
How to Obtain a Thai Driving License
If you plan to be in Phuket for longer than a short holiday you will need transport and if staying longer eventually you’ll need to obtain a Thai driving licens
Tips for Buying a Car in Phuket
The process of buying a car can be tricky anywhere, and Phuket is no exception.
How Expats Earn a Living In Phuket
Although employment options are not as varied as one would like, it is possible to earn enough to make a reasonable living in Phuket as an expat.
Tips for Online Shopping In Phuket
The popularity of online shopping and ecommerce has exploded in the last few years and Thailand is no exception. It now easier than ever to be a stay-at-home sh
Coworking Spaces In Phuket
Dedicated coworking spaces are a fairly recent phenomenon in Phuket but a growing number can be found around the island.
Ways to Give Back To the Phuket Community
Just a few of the organizations supporting the less fortunate in Phuket that could use your help.
Considerations for Living In Phuket Long-Term
Planning to move to Phuket full-time? Here are a few things you may want to bear in mind.
Snakes: How to Handle Phuket’s Serpents
If you live in Phuket you are bound to come across the island's many snakes. Here's how to deal with having an unwanted or dangerous snake around.
Tips for a Smoother Experience at Phuket Immigration
While the rules change often and can be inconsistent, some due diligence and planning can help your experience go a little smoother.
Best Places to Find Imported and Specialty Foods in Phuket
Missing your favourite home comforts or trying to find special cheeses, cold cuts or other imported groceries? We've got you covered.