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Living & Working in Phuket

Tips For Avoiding Getting Sick In Phuket
Getting sick can be a bit more unnerving dealing with a health issue in an unfamiliar land.
Cannabis Legalization In Phuket
While many are enjoying the availability of legal cannabis in Phuket, it is not clear if the future of cannabis in Thailand will remain so unencumbered.
How to Prepare to Become an Expat in Phuket
If you are relocating to Phuket, there are quite a few things that you need to get in order, especially if you have a family.
Tips for Dealing With Phuket’s Tropical Climate
The warm tropical weather is one of Phuket's attractions but it can get uncomfortable at times.
Tips for Learning How to Speak Thai
Learning Thai is not easy, especially if you are tone deaf. Here are some helpful tipson getting started.
How To Network and Make Connections in Phuket
Phuket is a small island and having a variety of connections is key to opening up opportunities becoming part of a community.
Keeping a Pet in Phuket
Phuket is a pretty good place to have a pet but its important to be aware for the safety of you and your pet.
Moving Money - Tips for Financial Transactions in Phuket
As an expat, handling cross-border transactions and understanding the differences in financial systems can be a headache.
What’s Up with Health Care in Phuket?
An overview of the quality healthcare available in Phuket that people travel from all over the world for.
How to Obtain a Thai Driving License
If you plan to be in Phuket for longer than a short holiday you will need transport and if staying longer eventually you’ll need to obtain a Thai driving licens
Tips for Buying a Car in Phuket
The process of buying a car can be tricky anywhere, and Phuket is no exception.
How Expats Earn a Living In Phuket
Although employment options are not as varied as one would like, it is possible to earn enough to make a reasonable living in Phuket as an expat.