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Phuket Dining & Nightlife

Phuket Dining & Nightlife

Thai Dishes Safe for the Spice-Sensitive
Can't stand the heat? Here are some milder Thai dishes to try for those who don't like it hot.
Eating Healthy in Phuket
Phuket has such a wide variety of restaurants and food shops that eating a healthy balanced diet is pretty easy.
Great Rainy-Day Comfort Food in Phuket
Rainy days seem to awaken nostalgia for hearty favourite dishes from back home or some local guilty pleasures.
4 Quaint Cafes To Visit In Phuket
Alongside the national and international chains are plenty of local cafes with great coffee and character.
Wine in Phuket Explained
Its no secret that wine in Thailand is greatly overpriced due to import taxes but there are still plenty of options for imbibing.
Phuket’s Culinary Hotspots
Our guide to the best dining spots that are worth going out of your way to try.
Five Great Seafood Restaurants in Phuket
As a tropical island, Phuket has a huge choice of seafood restaurants where you can enjoy fresh catch straight of the boat.
Existing and Emerging Food Trends in Phuket
Although the classics will never fade, food trends in Phuket have been popping out of nowhere and spreading like wild fire.
5 Thai Foods You’ll Either Love or Hate
With such a wide-ranging and diverse culinary culture, there are bound to be a few Thai dishes that raise eyebrows.
Best Places to Find Imported and Specialty Foods in Phuket
Missing your favourite home comforts or trying to find special cheeses, cold cuts or other imported groceries? We've got you covered.
How To Eat Like a Thai
Tips on enjoying the full dining experience that Thailand and its delicious and varied cuisine has to offer.
Best Restaurants in Phuket for Special Occasions
If you are looking for that special venue for an important occasion Phuket has plenty of options when it comes to great restaurants for your celebrations.