Residential Development Sales & Marketing
Our team of specialists provide sales and marketing consulting to grow your brand and sell-out your project.

Home In Phuket offers a proven track record in all areas of residential real estate development project marketing and sales. Our experienced team specializes in off-plan residential sales and marketing and can assist with developments of all sizes.

We provide a broad range of services, ranging from consultancy, market research, marketing, PR, and pricing strategy, as well as the provision of high-performing sales personnel. We offer a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in successful property development. Alongside years of experience in real estate sales and marketing, our team boasts seasoned professionals skilled in site acquisition, architecture, development planning, and construction management.

With our deep understanding of the local market and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, you can trust us to help you meet your unique needs and goals. Our approach blends traditional advertising like billboards and print media with a robust digital strategy, covering social media, search and display ads, and strategic email marketing, effectively engaging potential buyers throughout the marketing funnel.

Property Design Consulting
Our project development consultants collaborate closely with your design team to identify the optimal product, leveraging our market expertise to ensure that your product aligns with customer preferences and current development trends.
Marketing Consulting
We assist you in developing a compelling brand, devising a robust marketing strategy, and implementing an effective communication campaign specifically tailored to your project. Our goal is to ensure that you effectively reach your target customers while efficiently managing your marketing budget.
Sales Management Services
We offer experienced and dedicated sales management services to support your valuable customers throughout the entire sales process with utmost professionalism, ensuring their satisfaction. Our teams provide regular updates and reporting metrics, working collaboratively with your team to achieve the set sales targets.
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