Two-Storey Property for Sale in Phuket
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About Two-Storey Homes for Sale in Phuket

If you don't mind having to use the stairs, a two-storey home in Phuket offers quite a lot of advantages. Perhaps the most important is the greater use of space. A two-storey home effectively doubles the amount of floor space available with just a small amount lost to the stairwell. This is particularly significant in Phuket where land prices keep climbing higher each year.

Another benefit is the additional privacy afforded by having another floor. Living spaces can be more spread out and kept separate from sleeping areas, such as having the living and dining areas on the ground floor and bedrooms upstairs. This can also help reduce noise in a busy house with a large family.

Downsides to a two-storey home include the fact that stairs can be a safety hazard for young children and the elderly. They are also harder to clean and maintain.

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