Single-Storey Property for Sale in Phuket
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About Single-Storey Homes for Sale in Phuket

Single-storey or single-floor homes in Phuket offer a mostly flat space with no steps making it easy to move around the home. This gives them a broader appeal as they are suitable for all types of occupants, from families with small children to retirees who may have limited mobility for whom stairs could be dangerous. Also for parents, a single level means that kids can be more easily monitored from anywhere in the house.

Another benefit of a single-storey home is that they are easier to maintain and clean. Internally you don't need to carry cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners up and down stairs. While externally, windows and rain gutters are more easily accessible.

Finally, although not always the case, most single-storey homes in Phuket tend to have larger plot sizes than those with more floors.

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